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    The Artes Marciais Vietnamitas – Federação Portuguesa, on mandate of the EVVDO – EUROPEAN VIET VO DAO ORGANIZATION organizes the EUROPEAN CUP of VIETVODAO 2019. We are honored and pleased to receive the members and leaders of VVD EUROPA, the Great Masters, Masters and athletes from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Switzerland. For this edition, we have again, our friends from Morocco, as a guest Nation. All regulations here


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Hotel Apartamento Solverde

Grupo Salgueiro

The company ST Salgueiral Imobiliária, SA was founded in 1990, under the ideal of Mr. Manuel Alves Salgueiro, with the objective of providing an exceptional service to its clients in the real estate sector. Its mission is to be an innovative and competitive company with the principle the customer is the basis of everything, so your total satisfaction is the basis of business success. For S. T. Salgueiral, S.A, the best way to grow is to invest in the quality of life of its clients. The Company is recognized in the municipality of Espinho, and since its foundation has been building a vast business heritage in the real estate business. The activity of S. T. Salgueiral Imobiliária, refers to a period well before 1990, highlighting outstanding developments that underpinned the growth of the Municipality of Espinho. Examples are the "Edifício S. Pedro", the "Edifício Parque" (Streets 20 and 23), the "Edifício Europa" (former Abel Garage), the “Edifício Ventura” (Streets 8 and 25) and the “Edifício do Ciclo” (Streets 19, 21 and 30). In the development of its real estate development business, ST Salgueiral, SA has always sought to continuously add value and exceed the expectations of its clients, by offering standards of excellence and high quality in the more than 50 real estate projects it has carried out since the beginning of its activity.

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Multipurpose Sports Complex

Total Area: 52,000 m2 Covered Area: 11,000 m2 Parking: 8,000 places Capacity: 6,000 to 12,000 (depending on event) VIP Zone: 150 seats Press Office: 200 places Press rooms: 3 rooms Other equipment: 1 doctor's post 1 ward 1 anti-dopping control room 6 spas with massage room 4 rooms for judges 4 meeting rooms 1 room for Workshops and small courses 1 TV studio 2 bars

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